A thousand pardons. Summer hit, then we had internet provider difficulties and then we were winding up for closure. All resulting in no time for blogging. However, I am writing this from Sant Elm beach in Mallorca ( second day) so it can be safely said that we have survived the season 2011. Phew!

I suppose it could be said (and in fact some customers have moaned) that we take our holiday too early and should wait until November. Cheek! Business wise, no doubt we would work better in Oct than in Nov, but two things: we want to grab a bit of last minute sunshine ourselves and secondly we know from the first year that another month is the straw that breaks the camels back.

So I shall do a bit of a recap of how the season went:

August was frantic as usual. we always forget just how crazy it gets. We get booked up for at least 4 days in advance and we refuse about 4 times the number of people that we can accept. Come opening time in the evening we could do with a full time receptionist as the phone starts ringing off the hook, crowds descend Smith Hill, reservations are arriving and need attending to – hectic doesn’t describe it!


Orphée preparing apples

   Jo preparing apples           End of season get together
Still, it all went reasonably smoothly – we all held out and got through it! Generally we slightly less in terms of covers this year, by choice and I think we found our optimum level. For me, anyway, I didn’t feel so shattered at the end of September, but just ready for a break and recharge. The food seemed to go down well (literally!!) and the staff were great! The weather was so great in September and looked set to continue in October (as indeed it has) that really we should have stayed open a bit longer….but I have covered that conundrum above. 
So after 10 days of glorious Majorca (I’ve never been anywhere so affluent in my life!) and a week of local tourism with my family, it’s now winter planning. Re-jig the menus, plan our curry nights (new for this autumn) and lunch menus and then start to prep it all up… and of-course we start our winter hours, 2 days off and a possible later start in the evening (still to be decided). There’s a lot to be said for the winter!                    

About chefinheels

We own and run a small restaurant in the Pyrenées, South France. Tiffany is in charge of the food and Dave, her husband, does everything else.
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