Tender shoots of spring

Business is a little mad – end of feb we had 2 mad weeks of mid-summer type action. I mean, REALLY mad. Some nights people were just pouring through the door and it was a bit of a bunfight for the tables, but loads had to be turned away. Just the two of us working, as usual, so we can’t accept huge numbers. But this week has gone the opposite! REALLY quiet! It’s famine or feast. If only business were more even, we could employ someone permanently and be a bit richer!

Still, there’s loads of other stuff going on. We’re planning a (cheap, we’ve spent all our money on the house!) before-season break at the end of the month, opening again at the beginning of April for Easter. April is where we get serious for the season, back to one day off, opening again at 7pm (7.30pm in winter), change of menu, and staff join us (hopefully). I’m currently also working on a new website, as we have to move it before the end of April, and marketing and getting ready for rental our little apartment at the back of the house – also where our money has gone! So we’re not exactly idle!

This is also the time of year that I find a BIT tiresome. Groups are obviously planning their outings, walkers and climbers etc. So we get calls asking about accepting groups, can we do them a deal and different menu. If we get  too involved with these groups, as we did a bit in the Dordogne, we can end up undercutting ourselves, as groups never want to spend as much as our cheapest menu ( a massive 19€ for 3 courses….), they take over the joint and don’t drink. I also end up having to run another menu alongside our regular ones, just for the groups. So here we have honed our policy on groups. We don’t accept them. Simple!! Well, we will take up to 12 people tops for one table. This is about the most I can get ready at one time in the kitchen, it’s so small, and it’s about the biggest table Dave can put together, as everything – dining room and terraces – are wierd shapes.We won’t undercut ourselves, and they can choose something that’s already on the menu. Frankly, we don’t need to undercut ourselves, as if the group don’t come, then we will more than likely fill up anyway. Though with all this talk of ‘crisis’ and doom and gloom in the Eurozone, along with an election here in France this year, anything could happen.

On the staff front, we have one lined up, subject to interview, and we are still to confirm a second, but if we have one, we have a bit of time to get the 2nd as the season hots up. So we are pretty organised, all in all, just the menu to get sorted out….


About chefinheels

We own and run a small restaurant in the Pyrenées, South France. Tiffany is in charge of the food and Dave, her husband, does everything else.
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2 Responses to Tender shoots of spring

  1. Mary Perramond says:

    Hello, Tiffany and Dave. We are about to leave Virginia for Vernet and look forward to seeing you again and enjoying a fine meal at the Cortal. Our best to you both in the meantime!
    Mary and Dany Perramond

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