Life never ceases to amaze!

Well slap my thigh, as they say in…..Texas? Nashville maybe…Anyway..I never cease to be amazed by life and the things that develop. Never mind all the news this week with that serial killer/terrorist on the loose in Toulouse – which is near enough to here to make you think, but then far enough away to make you think wow! These big cities! They’re a risk! Leave me here in Bumpkinville! It’s all over now, but I discovered a natty function on the BBC News website for mobiles that just continually updates news as it happens, it just refreshes itself over and over, so I was hooked to a blow by blow, minute by minute account of events. What a dramatic end! But at least I am released from the tyranny of my ipod touch, and the Toulousians are released from the tyranny of terrorism.

ANYWAY, back to the subject of my amazement (and I’m sure you’re going to feel let down by the anticipation, now!) but I have to say we have been awfully laid back on the subject of staff this season, to the point where we were thinking of following last year’s innovative approach of having two part-timers share a job, because one full-timer seems to struggle (weaklings-what do they make youngsters of these days?). We have a loose arrangement to employ one person but had absolutely done nothing to recruit another. To recapitulate a bit, we had a young woman  and a young man in our employ last year: the young woman has found a job teaching English in Perps which is what she really wanted, so congrats to her, and we were told by various sources that the young man had left Vernet for good.

I think we are feeling a little too ‘lulled’ as this winter has been much quieter than last, so we find it hard to imagine it picking up again. Whatever the reason we have done nothing to find a second person.

So, tonight – even at dinner, I brought up the subject with Dave about what to do, and we agreed to discuss it with the person that we have got, and see how hard she wants to work – although we know already that she is happy with part-time (she has experience of working split shifts in summer already) and then possibly recruit someone from there given that we won’t be desperate in April and that we would have a bit of time to find someone else.

And this is where I slap my thigh, who comes in just after opening than the chap who worked for us last year with the girl he had just started dating at the end of the season (first date he brought her to the restaurant! er, for a meal, I should add). We were slightly gobsmacked, to say the least. To cut a very long story short, he hasn’t left Vernet at all but had spent a month and a half in India seeing family. He and his girlfriend had just got an apartment together which we can see from the restaurant and would we consider taking her on for the summer, part-time would be perfect. He is not interested as he will be working on his parents property and doing other stuff. Ah, I was a bit choked up, I have to say, I am really happy he has found someone to be happy with as he is a really decent guy. The girlfriend worked last summer at a restaurant in a neighbouring town, so has experience and lives just round the corner which is perfect.

Really, sometimes I feel there is another force at work looking after us and steering us away from disaster. Well, thanks whoever you are – appreciate it!


About chefinheels

We own and run a small restaurant in the Pyrenées, South France. Tiffany is in charge of the food and Dave, her husband, does everything else.
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