I don’t want to crow….

or of-course instant disaster will strike, but our two staff have started and I think yet again we have got really lucky! Actually we have been very lucky in a lot of respects recently. We took a break to Majorca at the end of March/beginning of April, back in time to open for Easter which seems to be very early this year. It is rare that we go back to the same place twice (we went in Oct last year, as well), but it is so easy, from here to Gerona airport, park the car, cheap Ryanair flight to Palma, and cheap hire car for the time – 6€ a day! Not bad! The mornings were cool, but the afternoons were scorching, and we spent pretty much every afternoon exploring the beaches of the East coast, a bit of unfinished business from October. We didn’t see much of the East coast then. I felt really rested on return after five days, ready (or not!) to put nose to the grindstone for the summer régime: open now 6 days a week, half an hour earlier -however, with the benefit of staff.

We started the girls straight away for training, and it was just as well, as we jumped straight into the frying pan and were away with a bang. The Easter crowds were here! Unfortunately the weather was rubbish – it had really deteriorated since we got back from our break, and we’ve even now had snow on the surrounding peaks! Both the girls are experienced in working in restaurants and it really shows. They both know what to do without being told, and it’s really just a case of finding where everything lives and showing them how to plate up  the entrées and set up the stones. It is also nice to have a bit of female company!

So, in short, we were able to pull it together for the Easter crowds and take full advantage of the crowds. By the end of last week, my fridges were well and truly empty, and a major shopping trip was had! So we’ve really fallen on our feet yet again with our staff and also got really lucky with the weather. It’s really cold now, with snow forecast in a few days!

I had wanted to change the menu on our return, but our website is demanding my full attention. A few years back I took advantage of a great deal with Microsoft Office Live for a free domain name and web hosting deal. Well, all good things come to and end and Microsoft are pulling the plug. They are replacing Office Live with Office 365 which is much more a collaboration tool, and more importantly, paying at around 6€ a month. It’s not a fortune, but I really don’t need any collaboration! There is no problem to set up with someone else, but the important thing is that we have to do it before the end of April as our websites will cease to function on May the first, our emails also and everything will be deleted! To make things even more complicated, the registrar that handles our .fr domain name is ceasing to handle the .fr names, so I have to find a new host for that and deal with the transfer. This is really urgent, more urgent than putting in place a new menu, so that has to take precedence right now. We get quite a few bookings through our website and throught the links to online booking from our website. So watch this space, hopefully we’ll soon have a swanky new website!


About chefinheels

We own and run a small restaurant in the Pyrenées, South France. Tiffany is in charge of the food and Dave, her husband, does everything else.
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