(Nearly) killed by Crocs

I am writing this from the sanctuary of our deck in the garden, enjoying a rare moment of solitude (Dave is doing the shopping) in the rare sun. May not last long, though, looks like a storm is brewing…..OMG, May – what can I say, one long month of endless bank holidays and long weekends. We have been non-stop! It’s like August has started early. However, I have studied the calender, and am pretty sure there are no more (in France, anyway) until July, so maybe it’ll calm down a bit. The weather has been shockingly bad, even though temps have gone up now, it’s still prone to sudden storms here in Vernet (who claim 300 days of sun a year – I’m going to ask for my money back). On Sunday BOTH lunch AND dinner were interrupted by storms, meaning everyone running for the dining room mid service. For some reason, they all seem to grab their drinks and leave the food….perhaps it’s a hint. It makes such a mess *sigh* leaving both the terrace AND the dining room to clear up, and two sets of everyhting for everybody. Of-course it’s a shame for the guests also, although one guy was so glad to escape his family who had fled downstairs, that he was actually eating in the pouring rain – never seen that before! The rain was coming down so hard it was bouncing off his hotstone.

It was just before a hectic evening service about a week ago that I was running to get the phone when my Croc’s rubber sole just sort of stayed suctioned to the floor which caused me to catapult forward smashing my face straight onto the floor with the full momentum of my movement and weight. God, I was so shocked, it felt like my nose had been shattered into a flat pancake. Dave came rushing out of the kitchen swearing while I just lay there with my hand over my nose not wanting to know what it looked like. We had 10 minutes to opening and 27 people expected for dinner! Dave helped me up and we looked at my nose which looked completely untouched! Phew! I had a lie-down on the stairs to get over the shock, and then swung into action. I got away with anything nasty, although I think it IS broken, in a really neat clean break straight across, I still have to be careful of it now – no enthusiastic blowing of the nose! The next day it felt like someone had punched me in the face all around the bridge of nose, cheekbones and eyes was really sore – though no bruising, miraculously! I must have fallen mostly on my right side, as my right arm was really sore and I had a bit of whiplash in my neck. It is really frightening to realise how quickly things can change – one minute everything is ok and the next it can all be awry. If I’d been 3 inches further on I would have hit the door, and who knows how that would have gone! So, a bit of a lucky escape and a bit of a reminder to take a bit more care! Might chuck the Crocs also!!!


About chefinheels

We own and run a small restaurant in the Pyrenées, South France. Tiffany is in charge of the food and Dave, her husband, does everything else.
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