Mini peppers and other news

Hi everyone! Thanks to everyone that has missed me, well that would be Dot, then! (Hi Dot:)) I have been almost literally chained to the kitchen for a few weeks. Yet another hectic season in progress, and feeling like we’re the only restaurant in the area. This year we have been booked up nearly a week in advance which is the longest ever for us, so a new world record!! AND with a waiting list! What makes it  particularly hectic for us is not so much the fact that we are full for the services, because we are geared up for that and our capacity is finite and doesn’t change, what makes it so hectic is the constantly ringing phone and the streams of people coming onto the terrace without reservations that we have to tactfully turn down – no really, there isn’t a little table for 2 that we have forgotten about….and no, it won’t make any difference if you come back later because we do only one service, sorry….and no, you can’t share the couple’s table over there…please phone ahead next time! Yes we even had customers offering to share tables – bit odd, that, I thought. Perhaps they wanted to make new friends. In between all the phone answering and crowd management, we have to serve the tables we have. It would be jolly useful to have a phone function that answered automatically and gave the message ‘sorry we are full tonight but if you’d like to reserve for another time, please press 1’ and then we would answer on the 1 press. That would really filter out the calls. If anyone knows how to do that, please let us know!

Anyway, look at these sweet mini bell peppers I found in Perps last week. Really colourful and dinky. I have roasted them and am serving them as a salad with tomatoes, croutons and an almond and sherry vinegar dressing.






Meanwhile disaster has struck, as it often does when it is as hot as it is here. At the beginning of July Dave fitted a permanent a/c unit in the reserve and we took out the mobile one that had been functioning for a couple of years. The fridges and freezers are really sensitive to rises in temps and really struggle to cool if the ambient temps are too high. So this new unit has been effectively cooling for several weeks, and with it, my peace of mind has been preserved. If the hardware, particularly the fridge, starts having a hard time, then it stresses me out. So it starts getting REALLY hot – it has been 32° today and is forecast for 34° tomorrow- and Windy (as its’ model name is)has given up the ghost for no apparent reason. There are no error lights or any apparent reason for it. It is blowing, but just like a fan, without cooling. So the mobile unit has been wheeled back in, but it can only just cope with these high temps, it’s not keeping the reserve as cool as I’d like, while we try to contact the company we bought it from. We have spoken to them about it, and they said they’d phone back once they’d spoken to their tech dept, but that was yesterday, and they haven’t phoned back yet. It cost nearly 2000€, so to say we’re disappointed is an understatement. The poor old freezer in the kitchen is also really struggling. It is opened so often during the service, particularly for desserts, ice-creams, mostly, that it is a real effort for it to get well under 0°. And all that, and never mind the poor old hot and bothered staff!!!


About chefinheels

We own and run a small restaurant in the Pyrenées, South France. Tiffany is in charge of the food and Dave, her husband, does everything else.
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6 Responses to Mini peppers and other news

  1. Dot and Vic says:

    You are just doing this deliberately Tiffany just so we will miss you even more! Caught up on most of my paperwork now so will be writing with photographs soon. Lots of love to you both.xxxx

    • chefinheels says:

      Have added some text, Dot, so have another look at the post. xx

      • Dot and Vic says:

        Thank you for that Tiffany – makes me feel closer to you which is very comforting. Hope you soon sort your problems with Windy or that it starts to cool down a little. Wish we were booked for our usual Sunday delight instead of which it’s a pub lunch in Cobham with Vic’s son, his wife and daughter.xx

  2. Dot and Vic says:

    ps You ARE the only RESTAURANT worth visiting in the area. Au Coin Fontaine does quite well for a quick pizza/pasta but comes nowhere near to you and Dave.xx

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