The vote is in: September is the hardest month. Now excuse me while I lie down in a darkened room….

Yes, I know that we have the cold hard facts in figures on the computer that, actually, September is and always has been pretty much as busy as August. The big difference is the fall in reservations but rise in passing trade – people not believing that it is necessary to book in September. The thing is it’s probably psychological: ‘phew, end of August, that’s it, everyone’s back to school. But no. I mean, yes. Everyone IS back to school, but the canny ones that don’t want to mix with families but still want decent weather, come out in abundance.

Things have been quite hectic this month, not just business-wise, but in any free time outside of. I mean, we are closing at the beginning of October as we traditionally do, despite future visitors slagging us off for closing just when THEY are coming. I’m not sorry – we have the right to catch the last week of the sailing season, thank you. If I could afford to go sailing in the Caribbean in Feb, then, believe me, I would, but it would involve a fairly serious price-hike. Your choice!! But there are all the things that were left undone in August, added to which HOLIDAY PLANS to make! I think I should actually have been a travel agent. Almost the best thing about a holiday is the planning, I find. It is definitely the year of meeting up again with old casino cronies, and it’s so great, it’s like wrapping myself up in a lovely woolly blanket. We truly met a great bunch of people during our casino years and some are still in it (going to Maxims on hols and it’ll be the first time I’ll have been to a London Casino as a guest!!! – but not only that one of my fave ex-bosses is the Director there!!) So there’s planning – and, by the way, have you discovered Google Calender yet? Amazing! – but also new stuff that crops up, like bloody Windy, the AC unit we bought for the Reserve, but which paffed 3 weeks later. Yes, your memories are correct, it failed in August and we are only just sending it back. The internet co we bought from are the worst we have ever dealt with. They want us to send it back, dammit – of”course we have thrown away the original packing, so getting it ready to send back has been a challenge – why couldn’t they have just sent a technician? Plus the accountant wants paperwork (how inconsiderate) staff are leaving and have paperwork issues (you know who you are!) – but actually quite a lot of paperwork is required on leaving a job, not least the final salary. And so it goes on. This is all on top of the day to day serving, prepping etc. and really, we’re thinking, it’s September, things’ll slow down! I’ll have time to do that thing!!

5 days to go……..


About chefinheels

We own and run a small restaurant in the Pyrenées, South France. Tiffany is in charge of the food and Dave, her husband, does everything else.
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One Response to The vote is in: September is the hardest month. Now excuse me while I lie down in a darkened room….

  1. Dot Wilcock says:

    Loved reading that Tiffany and yes, you do deserve a holiday to be taken when both you and Dave are ready. Ungrateful customers like we two will just have to cook for themselves while you are away ‘cos they sure as **** will not find anything there to match the pair of you so will love it, as we did, when you are back. Have a great holiday with lots of ‘woolly blanket’ comfort of friends – nothing like it apart from family. Shed loads of love from Dot and Vicxx

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