Ta da!!

We’re back from holiday already! Doesn’t time fly?! I haven’t posted for an age, but, honestly, life is so hectic. Even September is mad, but coupled with also trying to make holiday plans :)) It’s all a bit crazy. Still, the summer season is officially at an end and we are stuck into the winter one now, it’s official! We have been open since Wednesday, straight into the fire, really as it’s a bank holiday weekend and it is nice weather, so there seem to be a few people about. We’re adjusting to the new hours – we open at 7.30pm instead of 7pm in winter. It’s strange just how much difference half an hour makes, but it really does. We also have 2 days off, hooray!! The business changes a bit too, at this time of year. People don’t reserve much, thinking that we’ll be really quiet. This results in occasions like yesterday lunch where we are doing nothing for the first 40 mins of service, thinking oh, well, it’s a quiet one today….then bam! What seems like hundreds of people coming down the hill. When it’s just the two of us working, that’s just plain scary. Or at least it is for me! Dave, of-course, seems more calm. I don’t know what it is about the Spanish, but it seems that it is against the law for them to travel in groups of less than 6 and there are plenty around this weekend. We turned down 2 groups of 6 for lunch, one of whom booked for the evening. We phoned our waitress to see if she wanted to work last evening, but apparently she had a dinner invite, so couldn’t come. I guess she’s not feeling the pinch and unemployement benefit has kicked in! So we have no choice but to turn down loads of people. Honestly it’s quite depressing that our staff can just laze about all winter and aren’t at all motivated to work, while we have no other choice than to slog on – something is just not right with the French system. 

Anyway, enough of the moaning! We are feeling the benefits of the break: we get a reminder of what it’s like from a customer perspective, for one thing. In fact I’d say that is the most important benefit I feel. It’s really good to get out of the kitchen and go into other places as a client. It sort of resets the objectivity. I am now working on a few seasonal changes to the menu and thinking of Xmas and New Year (they fall on a Tuesday, so we have to decide whether to open or not) and painting the living room in the house! Nothing to do with work, but life’s not all about work, is it?!

The other thing about being back is that everything is like new – it really is a good thing to have a ‘purge’ as it were and thoroughly empty everything and clean everything so that it all feels like brand new again.


About chefinheels

We own and run a small restaurant in the Pyrenées, South France. Tiffany is in charge of the food and Dave, her husband, does everything else.
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One Response to Ta da!!

  1. Dot Wilcock says:

    Thank you for that Tiffany – I have been waiting with bated breath for your report and it is soooo good: I really miss Vernet and am so grateful for your link.xx

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