A bit fed up!

Well, firstly a big thank you to all the encouragement I got from my last post!! I feel really motivated to post – I mean, I was before, but now I’m even more so, if you see what I mean.

Now to the customary winge. Humdinger of a lunch today, we had a table of 9 in for a birthday lunch, an elderly gay couple who come regularly ( a demographic we are popular with, I must say) were celebrating which meant that we refused quite a few people. I don’t know if Remembrance day had anything to do with it, but there were certainly people about. Perhaps they’d been to the ceremony just at the the top of our hill outside the Mairie where the war memorial is. The last remaining Resistance hero in Vernet plays an important part in the proceedings and he came for lunch on his own after the ceremony looking all ‘beau’ with his suit and a classic beret and various metalwork pinned to his lapels. We knew it would be a really late finish – it is a challenge to do as many people as we did when there are 3 of us and indeed the big table didn’t leave until nearly 4.30pm (4 hours for lunch!) we didn’t finish until 5.30pm which meant that we had 1hr for our lunch, a break and for Dave to have his shower before starting again. Now this would have been ok if it had not been for the discovery that the birthday table had nicked 2 of my table card angels – like I was wingeing about in this post here https://chefinheels.wordpress.com/2011/11/09/hoppin-mad/ AND one of our salt and pepper grinders. That is just plain cheeky theft. Dave said that it is almost worse for the gay couple because their guests knew that they were regular clients here and that we would know who nicked the stuff, so it’s a bit of a kick in the butt for them. I want to mention it the next time they come – what do you think? Mention it or not? Over to you dear readers.


About chefinheels

We own and run a small restaurant in the Pyrenées, South France. Tiffany is in charge of the food and Dave, her husband, does everything else.
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3 Responses to A bit fed up!

  1. Add the cost of replacement to their bill…

  2. Dot Wilcock says:

    I think, as you know the couple so well, you could tactfully say that after their party left you noticed those three things missing. You KNOW it was not them but one/some members of the party and could they be Sherlock on your behalf please. Always tricky but I think you have to bite the bullet.xx Best of luck.

  3. chefinheels says:

    Thanks for your comments! I really want to at least mention it to them (and see if they offer to pay for them – I expect they would), but mostly because I don’t think they should think that it’s gone unnoticed.

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