A new arrival and a new secret ingredient.

So we said goodbye to an old friend this week, our dishwasher that has been here since the restaurant was started in about 1980. It’s a real workhorse, but has actually just worn out literally. It’s one of the only things we kept when we bought the place nearly 5 years ago. So we say hello to a new one that probably won’t last anything like as long! They are amazingly expensive ranging from 1500€ to anything you like. Fortunately we only need a small one. It’s been really quiet business-wise so we have been able to install it and get the old one in the car ready to take to the dump. No mean feat, I can tell you, they both weigh a ton and only muggins here to help Dave. I hate lugging heavy stuff around. I’m just too weedy! Still, it’s done now. Did you know that industrial washers differ greatly from domestic ones? They have a 3 minute wash and rinse cycle – compare that with domestic ones that can take all night!! I’m tempted to get one for the house when we redo the kitchen, if only they were a bit prettier! Perhaps we could hide it behind a cabinet or something.

And on to my latest favourite ingredient – semi-dried tomatoes. I have discovered that if when you buy them you whizz them to a rough purée and then put them back in their container, you can add them to your dishes as a nind if seasoning and they add a deeply savoury note to them. For example, as a seasonal special I have had a fricassée of seasonal mushrooms on the blackboard. Last week it was milk cap mushrooms, this week it’s grey chanterelles. I wish pickers would also clean them though!! Anyway….heat a pan to hot- my aim is to sear them so they get hot without wilting and going mushy so that they retain their texture as well as taste – then throw in some garlic, parsley, dried tomato purée and the mushrooms. If using a delicate one like chanterelles, they need literally only a couple of minutes, so do them last minute and don’t take your eyes off them. Then throw in some spinach or red chard. Season and add a drop of lemon juice then whisk them out of the pan without any further ado and pile on top of bruschetta. Et voila! Enjoy!


Milk Cap mushrooms


Mittens helping by checking out the box!


New friend


Old friend


About chefinheels

We own and run a small restaurant in the Pyrenées, South France. Tiffany is in charge of the food and Dave, her husband, does everything else.
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2 Responses to A new arrival and a new secret ingredient.

  1. Dot Wilcock says:

    I dare not let Vic read this Tiffany as he simply adores mushrooms and would love to try your latest delight! A 3-minute dishwasher sounds fantastic – mine takes 2hrs and 15mins to perform a wash to suit me and I consider this one of the better ones. White goods in France are horrendously expensive as we know. My last washing machine from Libersalle was €655 and I could buy the same here for less than £300! Always missing youxxx

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