Step aside Noma, now we too have a forager!

Well this week has been ultra quiet. But all the sale, an interesting developement occurred. A lady and her son showed up with a wooden crate with some massive milk-cap mushrooms laid out beautifully in it offering to sell them to us. Lactus delicioso they are aptly known as in posh speak, and the Catalans have another term for them that I couldn’t even begin to spell but sounds something like roobilloos ( with the soft double L sound). We discussed a price and I offered her a euro off what I can get them for in Perps since it is a cash transaction …deal done. I paid her 9€ K and she had just over a kilo so we paid 10€ for the lot. Just to say we got 8 portions out if it, so without giving our price per portion away – even if it was 5€ it returns a healthy margin. So she gets a bit of cash, we get a best selling starter and everyone is happy. Well, blow me down if she wasn’t back the next day with another load! I took ’em and paid her another kilo’s worth,
And look forward to fostering a healthy relationship with her. She obviously had a great respect for them as she had treated them really gently and also she wasn’t trying to rip us off either as there were 2 slightly damaged ones that she didn’t want to charge us for. She also said that she left the little ones to grow bigger, which is a big sustainability issue, so all in all I was quite impressed by the whole transaction! I don’t know when we’ll next see her as the weather has turned icy and she expressed fear for the mushroom crop to survive the frost. But it’s a whole new approach for me and I like it!





About chefinheels

We own and run a small restaurant in the Pyrenées, South France. Tiffany is in charge of the food and Dave, her husband, does everything else.
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One Response to Step aside Noma, now we too have a forager!

  1. Dot Wilcock says:

    Along with your prawns these are Vic’s dream of heaven!

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