So, decision made on local initiative.

So I have perused the whole proposition by the ‘Parc Naturel Régionale des Pyrenées Catalanes’ that I discussed here. And the answer is no. I think the spirit of it is well meaning, but the actual parameters are too constrained.

There is a whole section on the amenities we must provide for our guests, including high chairs (*scream*) and general friendliness to family groups. Those who know us, know that we have a firm anti-kid stance, but just from a practical point of view: 1) babies take up loads of room, don’t spend any money and make a noise. Sometimes LOADS of noise. The parents are generally distracted all throughout their visit and wander about bouncing baby around trying to keep baby quiet whilst causing mortal danger to Dave trying to transport hot stones and hot food about. 2) We just don’t have any room to put highchairs, baby seats or entertainment equipment, and anyway, I think it’s up to the parents to provide the entertainment stuff. 3) and with a total capacity of around 30 people we just DON’T WANT THEM.

Another stipulation is the way we sort rubbish. Now this I do want to comply with, but again, we simply don’t have the space to have different bins for recyclables and non-recyclables. We do take all glass down to the bottle bank, and we save the corks for the local council who recycle them, but we only have room for the one bin in each part of the kitchen and as for composting – well, nice theory, but what to do with it once composted – we don’t really have a garden that needs it, and again, no space for a composter.

They also want us to put out loads of local information, books written by local people and about the locality. NO BLOODY SPACE! Also to dispense tourist information – which we do to a limited extent – we are hardly experts ourselves, and anyway isn’t that the job of the local Tourist Office, who, by the way, are EXCELLENT. We provide a QR code that links to the tourist office website with a wealth of information within. I don’t see how we can be expected to dispense tourist advice at any length whilst trying to run a busy service.

I think the cost is very reasonable, 40€ is all it costs the restaurateur, and the Parc participates in signage and promotion of the establishment, but I think it is for places in bigger towns, unfortunately, and perhaps with a less seasonal trade. I struggle to think how we would keep the menu local in winter and even in season to turnover the foodstuffs enough to not go over sell-by dates etc, the menu would have to pretty much have to focus on only that.

And our current best-selling mains are the Curry of the Moment (Caribbean chicken curry with sweet potato and cornbread at the moment) and American Ribeye.

So that’s a no, then.


About chefinheels

We own and run a small restaurant in the Pyrenées, South France. Tiffany is in charge of the food and Dave, her husband, does everything else.
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3 Responses to So, decision made on local initiative.

  1. Dorothy Wilcock says:

    Sounds very much like Big Brother and you should NEVER change what you do and the way you do it. The only flag to be flown by Le Cortal should be the one you presently fly – a definite no!

  2. Don Smith says:

    Why can’t you just speak your mind instead of sitting on the fence ?

  3. Dorothy Wilcock says:

    Ha ha Don – can you see Tiffany doing that!

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