It’s been a while!

Well it HAS been long time since I blogged. I have had a period of writers block, it is true, but also life has been really hectic. We have had a great season and we have come through it in good shape. In June I usually look forward to the next few months with no short measure of fear wondering if this is the year that the business will kill me! But this year I particularly feel better than usual at the end of the season, due in part to losing 8 kilos following the 5:2 diet. Who knew feeling lighter could make one feel so much better! So THAT’S what everyone goes on about. Also, of-course, it is essential to have absolute control over the business and not let it run you. This may sound overly dramatic, but it really is true. A business takes on its’ own life once it’s born, breathes and takes on its’ own rythmn. All we need to do,just about is turn up. However, once you deal with the general public, you need to have really clear parameters or they will push you to working all hours if you let them. We have had people phone us at 7.30am to book tables, similarly at 11.30pm. 11.30pm is more understandable than 7.30am – that’s just madness to think anyone will be there!

Anyway we had the same waitress as last year and a new waiter, a local chap, who both were a delight to work with. It’s always a bit wierd when we emerge from winter working just on our own, to sharing our space with others, but gives us a window on what’s happening outside our immediate corner of Vernet.

Possibly one reason we got through the season so well is that, unusually, we closed for 10 days in June as it was my 50 th birthday and I took myself off to Provence for a cooking course with Jean-François Bérard of Hostellerie Bérard at La Cadière D’Azur, Provence. I shall do a post on this with pics because the place was stunning. I was also so lucky to have the first week in a goodly while where it wasn’t cold and raining. I had a gorgeous sunny and warm week. There really is nowhere else to be than Provence I just love it.

So now we start the winter season, with 2 days off a week and a holiday. Much more civilised!


About chefinheels

We own and run a small restaurant in the Pyrenées, South France. Tiffany is in charge of the food and Dave, her husband, does everything else.
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