It’s just a stage we’re going through …..

I have felt this year that the business feels somehow stronger. Not that we can do many more covers in season, but through enquiries and reservations. It seems to me that we are getting more interest. It is the end of our financial year at the end of October and yes indeed we have seen a small increase in turnover compared to last year but I’m sure the phone is ringing more and that we are refusing more people, even at this time of year. We could really do with someone working weekends even now, well out of season. This could be a 5 year effect, perhaps – or it could be the Tripadvisor Effect, apparently we have a good reputation locally and our TA score is something I am quite proud of even though a lot if people diss it. I expect I would diss it too if our score was rubbish 🙂

We’ve even had an increase in kids or their parents phoning or coming in asking if they can do a ‘stage’ with us. That is to say, with me, in the kitchen. Ugh. This is probably quite controversial, but the thought of having a kid training with me in the kitchen leaves me cold. Yes, I know that they have to learn and get practical experience, but they will be learning classic techniques that I have never learnt, damn! I could learn from them! Having a kid hanging over my shoulder watching everything I do would drive me bonkers, best leave it to others who enjoy that sort of thing. It’s also not really the right time of year, I’d be constantly trying to find something for them to do. It’s free labour, as well. We even had a chap come from the Hotellerie school here in Vernet who we know and are friendly with trying to persuade us to take someone. But we held firm. We had a couple in our last place when we still had a chef, we even had a pré-apprentis once (14!!) and it was all a bit awful. And our chef liked kids and had 4 of his own, so he was quite comfortable about it all. However it didn’t end well, as our chef went mad and went off sick for 6 months and the kid went awol as a result, but told his Mum he was still coming to work argh. In short, life was a little more ‘exciting’ for a while.

So that’s that. No snotty kids in the kitchen with me, thanks!


About chefinheels

We own and run a small restaurant in the Pyrenées, South France. Tiffany is in charge of the food and Dave, her husband, does everything else.
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2 Responses to It’s just a stage we’re going through …..

  1. Dot Wilcock says:

    An excellent report Tiffany and you really do deserve to go from strength to strength. I wholeheartedly agree with you about not having kids in the kitchen. Having taught them for many years I quickly understood that they only want to do the ‘nice’ things and grow horns when it comes to clearing up! Excessive heat and youngsters do not mix either and I remember my absolute horror when, on my final teaching practice, I was faced with a class of 22 13/14-year old girls all making steamed puddings! I still wake up in a cold sweat about some of those classes. You just carry on doing what you do so very, very well and keep feeding an appreciative public. I just hope Vic and I will get down to Vernet once more before too long. xx

  2. Cortaline says:

    Hi Tiffany … Here is an excellent vision of the kitchen’ s learning. I have the impression to hear … no !!! to read my parents when they had the cortal (so trouble with them)… but I was (a long time) the snotty kids in my kitchen’s parents !!! And I liked that so much to learn recipes with my father … Congratulations for your good businness and long life to the Cortal … See you soon Cortaline 😉

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